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A magical land of tranquil shimmering fjords, of sweeping pine and spruce forests and towering mountains reaching up across the Arctic Circle into Lapland, where its once nomadic Sami people live a life, and in a world, apart.

As the Aurora lights appear in the night sky, as if escaping from a genie’s bottle, Norwegian Lapland becomes an adventure playground cloaked in glistening, crystal snow with trails for husky mushing, snowmobiling and reindeer safariing particularly in the tundra around Alta and Karasjok.
Joanne Lumley created considerable excitement searching for the Northern Lights in a programme made for the BBC travelling to many of the places we feature and our ‘Northern Lights at the Top of the World’ follows much of her journey.


Iso Syote Lapland A land of Golden Cloudberries and Arctic Salmon, of a thousand lakes, majestic forests, inspired architecture and civilised living. In winter, Finland means Lapland, legendary home of Father Christmas and a vast ruggedly beautiful place spread above the Arctic Circle, where the snow falls in some parts from as early as September and a white Christmas is all but guaranteed. And this is a world so quiet that you can hear the silence, all the more so if you live in or close to a city.

If you can't find exactly the Finnish Lapland adventure you're looking for let us use our experience to design an itinerary tailored specifically to your requirements.


Whale Watching in IcelandA land of fire and ice: a wild, romantic place with narrow fjords; deep ravines; vast glaciers surrounded by jumbles of moraine; black sand deserts; volcanoes; glacial lakes and spluttering geysers.

No more than 3 hours flying time from your choice of 5 UK airports, Iceland lies in the middle of the Atlantic just below the Arctic Circle with two thirds of its charming and welcoming population living in or around Reykjavik.
The capital is a cool chic place, teeming with life over the weekend and with restaurants serving up both traditional and modernistic dishes based around the island's staples of fish and lamb.


A land of elegant cities inseparable from the exquisite beauty of its countryside. In winter the celebrated ICEHOTEL opens its doors and Swedish Lapland is carpeted with snow trails for husky mushing; tracks along frozen rivers for snowmobiling and grazing grounds for reindeer and moose.


Synonymous with Father Christmas (or Santa Claus) Lapland is an area north of the Arctic Circle, covering 4 countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia).  However, Finnish Lapland is where you will meet the real Father Christmas on your Santa holiday to Lapland.

Staying clear of Rovaniemi and the more commercialised areas, Nordic Experience will take you to Muonio and Inari to experience the real flavour of Christmas in family run establishments.